Back to the grind……A Note About…Wait…WHAT?????????

Happy New Year!!!

I’ve decided to kick start the year on a healthy note, this isn’t’ what I had in mind though.   How would you even cook that?


Thanks for sending the picture cousin S!

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In Loving Memory..TomDog

In Loving Memory..TomDog.

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In Loving Memory..TomDog

Best Friend: someone who never leaves your side, loves you unconditionally, smiles when you walk in the front door, sits by you and listens to your heart aches, laughs with you, secretly laughs at you, eats your left overs, eats your dinner, eats your underwear, eats the peppers from the garden then pukes them up in your car while your driving, eats your homework, chews the corners off your books, eats your favourite doll and her friend, fills your life with insurmountable love…

Saying goodbye isn’t easy.

Saying goodbye isn’t fair.

Saying goodbye is the most difficult thing I, we, have ever had to do.

I haven’t blogged in over a year…since we said goodbye.  Things haven’t felt the same since he left, and to be honest part of my inspiration died when TomDog left us.  It hasn’t been easy.  We have good days, we have bad days, we have sad days, needless to say life goes on.  I started writing this post a week after Tommy passed.  Then I stopped writing.  I could never bring myself to post it because it made things a little too real for me.  A lot has happened since May 2013…the birth of my beautiful niece, a search for a friend, a graduation, and the birth of my own daughter.  He may not be around, but his memories, his visits to my dreams, finding traces of hair, his toys , are constant reminder that he will never truly be gone.

I have written pages and pages of TomDog memories as my original idea was to post them to the world, but as I sit here laughing to myself and smiling, I think I’ll keep those wonderful memories locked inside my heart…for now.

To my beautiful Tommy, TomDog, Kudoo…

We love you.  We miss you dearly.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.  Thank you for creating so many wonderful memories and loving us unconditionally.

Till we meet again

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Dear Friends,

Please help us find our beloved friend Prabhdeep Srawn!!!

Prabh is a 25 yr old Canadian National, studying law at Bond University in Australia and went missing on May 13 while hiking in Kosciuszko National Park, located in Australia’s Snowy Mountains

Prabh is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and has some bushwalking experience. If you have any information please contact us or local JindaByne police, if you have seen him or had any interaction with him.

Here is a link to our Facebook page, please like, share, tweet, blog, make calls, pray!!

Prabhdeep Srawn, 25, a former Canadian Forces Reservist from Brampton, Ont., has been missing since May 13 in Australia's Snowy Mountains. Facebook

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A Note About Frozen Coc…

Get your mind out of the gutter!

photo (1)

Tomato, tomatoeees …

Ketchup, catsup…

Coconut, cocks…ya I still don’t get it!

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Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #4


How to pee in a cup!

with words

What will they think of next?

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The perks of drive through banking!

Now RBC offers you…………


Indian sweets in a box!!  Wicked!

Only in Brampton!

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