Note to Michael Scott,

After bringing us 7 seasons of laughter, I’m so sad to see you go. …That’s what she said!

“My philosophy is basically this. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what. No matter … where. Or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or … or where you’ve been … ever. For any reason, whatsoever.”

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4 Responses to Note to Michael Scott,

  1. hunnster77 says:

    what a great episode! did you like it? check out my blog

  2. Illu says:

    Ricky G>Steve C
    The office UK FTW

  3. Bittu Mama says:

    I am sad. I wish I had a boss like that.

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