Note to Rioters,

When children yell, scream and flare their arms in the air, adults look down on them with disappointment and tell them to use their quiet voices.  When children throw things, break things and steal things, grownups cross their arms and tell them it’s unacceptable and that they are responsible for paying for the damages.

If childlike behavior (yelling, screaming, breaking, stealing, punching, kicking, swearing, etc.) is unacceptable to adults, then why do adults resort to childlike behavior to be heard?   Violence, rioting, bullying … is never the answer!

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2 Responses to Note to Rioters,

  1. Illu says:

    It’s pathetic. Has anyone ever heard of public discourse? Death of an individual fuels criminal inhibition. They demanded justice, now they destroy the concept of law and morality. Looting, destroying homes, and endangering peoples lives is extremely counterproductive.
    Just woke up.. and I’m already ranting 😦

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