Note to My Structured Settlement,

…It’s my money and I need it now!  But first I need to find out what a structured settlement is and then I need to punch the creator of this commercial in the face!

If life was that easy there’d be more peace and loads of happy people (NOT).   I should sue JG Wentworth for not putting a disclaimer on their commercials…that song is soo annoying!

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2 Responses to Note to My Structured Settlement,

  1. Anonymous says:

    It certainly looks like a good idea to make money domesticate …

  2. Settlement says:

    Strictly speaking, first of all, what is the sale of structured settlements? These are very simple to understand. When someone gets a large sum of money to an organization or person, the amount distributed to him / her regularly in small increments. Thus biggest advantage is that a person who he / she is basically the amount of damages, the extent being cheated or poorly during a financial transaction.

    Read more…

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