Note to “Dollar” Store,

I’m pretty sure that in order to be called a “dollar” store, you have to sell things for a “dollar”…otherwise it’s false advertising!

The story behind all this…well folks I went to the dollar store to buy a candle, ONE candle, no larger than the length of my hand.  After searching the store, which I might add was very unorganized, I find my candle.  It’s not my first choice but there’s not much to choose from.  I take it to the counter and as I’m searching through my wallet for a loonie, the guy at the counter says,

“That will be $4.71”.

I say, “What!  Isn’t it a dollar?” (in a confused voice).

He say’s, “No, $4.71”

I look confused.

He say’s, “Look under the candle, it is $3.99” and turns the candle upside down.

I say, “Seriously? It’s not a dollar”

He repeats, “No”

I say, “Okay then, no thank you to the candle” and walk out shocked, disappointed and candless.

I’m not cheap, but I’m not going to pay $5 for a no-name a candle that doesn’t even smell nice!

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