Note to Office Napper,

Sneaking an afternoon nap at the office can not only rejuvenate a sluggish mind, it can also help you avoid the office ass clown.   But be forewarned, the perfect afternoon getaway can also result in total embarrassment … if you…

  1. Talk in your sleep
  2. Walk in your sleep
  3. Snore…really loud
  4. Sleep through an important meeting
  5. Forget to let the kids in from lunch recess
  6. Drool all over the business report due to your boss
  7. Drool all over your keyboard
  8. Forget to roll up your corduroy arm sleeves
  9. Your boss walks in on you
  10. Break your leg from falling off your desk
  11. Have a wet dream…waaaa waaaaaaa
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One Response to Note to Office Napper,

  1. Aman says:

    Thanks Fred… I happen to snore like a chainsaw… i woke myself up after snoring.. :S

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