Note to Jeggings For MEN!!

Bra’s, thongs, the C-String, garter belts, bikinis, maxi pads, tampons, periods, cellulite, brazillian waxing, lipo, extensions, high heels, chlamydia, thong jeans…..

Why should woman have all the fun?

The Knit Jean Lounge Pant is every man’s dream.  And why not!  You can have the “I’m too cool to stitch my pants” ripped jean look AND the jeans hanging off the ass look..without the embarrassment of your pants falling down!  Go to sleep in them and simply roll out of the bed the next morning ready to go.  No one will ever know….sexy too



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2 Responses to Note to Jeggings For MEN!!

  1. duncanr says:

    Just checked under my tree – but no, santa didn’t leave me any of these 😦

    Mustn’t have got my letter in time 😉

  2. Brynell says:

    That’s ralely thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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