A Note About My Resolutions,

Raise your hand if, like me, you come up with some ridiculous New Years resolutions to help better your life… Well this year I have decided to screw the resolutions and make better use of the F-word!

Example 1

ring..ring… (that’s the telephone)

Me:  Hello?

Telemarketer: Hallo jee, can I please talk to Mr or Mrs &*^%?

Me: F-U!!  They died, don’t call back.

Example 2

Parking Space Loser:  Excuse me miss…but that was my parking space…

Me: F-U, I don’t see your name on it…next time drive a little f-ing faster!

Example 3

Me:  Wow, I just cooked the best f-ing meal EVER!! (give myself a pat on the back)

Example 4

Spouse: I don’t have anymore clean underwear (makes a sad face)

Me: Well I’ll be damned, the dirty underwear monster has struck again.  What a f-ing jerk!  Off with his f-ing head!

Example 5

Me:  What do you mean I look f-ing 21?


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  1. Illu or ILU not sure about the spelling. says:


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