A Note About Farting in Pilates,

Do you remember that gross kid in grade school that no body wanted to sit beside because his/her bad body odor and inability to hold in his/her gas? 

Well as luck would have it, no one wants to sit with her 25 years later!!  Out of all the Pilates class scheduled today, she had to blast into mine…and ruin it…literally

Fart once… fine it was an accident

Fart twice..shame on you and shame on me for laughing!

Fart three times WTF!!! 


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3 Responses to A Note About Farting in Pilates,

  1. LOL good one!!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

  2. Stephania says:

    Is this multiple farts within 1 class?? I’ve heard quite a few of ’em in my yoga class. I think it’s the tight clothing + weird positions.

  3. Fred says:

    Multiple YES!! I wasn’t sure how to react…so I did the only thing going I knew to do when people let it rip….laugh…lol

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