Sh%$ At Walmart– Part 1,

A shopping excursion to Buffalo isn’t complete if you haven’t gone to Walmart.  Walmart, what a great place to buy neat shit!

First up –> 3B Action Cream.  Wicked!  The next time my ass, breasts and that spot between my legs begins to ‘chaff’, I’ll have the perfect fix!  If it’s good enough for the Aussies, it’s good enough for me!



Can’t afford a real HD t.v.?  Dreaming of the day you can watch t.v and mow the lawn in high definition?  Don’t fret!  For $25 your entire world can be transformed from plain boring colours to ‘enhanced colour quality!’ 

hd glasses


Screw buying a bag of cheese balls! These balls should last you a week!  All that cheese…all those balls…of cheese…Smile with tongue out



Don’t like cheese balls….why not try some “Pork Cracklins!” WTF is that anyways? Wait, I googled it…”Pork rinds is a snack made by frying or roasting skin (rind) and fat of a pig…often very high in fat and sodium; the fat content of pork rinds is similar to that of potato chips, but the amount of sodium in a serving of pork rinds is nearly five times that of a serving of potato chips.”  YUMMY!!! 

pork what

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