Note to D**k Face!

Had a good day.  The sun was shinning, birds were chirping, the weather was beautiful and I found some great deals at the mall. 

Get to my car…


Keying my car…really?  How old are we…10? 

I hope your car is pummeled with bird sh**!  I hope your car is clawed by rabid cats, dogs, goats, cows, dinosaurs, etc…  I hope you have a sh**** birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, whatever you celebrate!  I hope the doors fall off your car as you’re driving on the highway! I hope the toilets in your house overflow.  I hope you get a flat tire on a dark country road.  I hope HD DVD player breaks down while you’re watching your favourite movie.  I hope you have scary dreams. I hope your dog runs away to a better family and you’re left with your heart in your hand..crying for forgiveness….JERK!

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