It’s THAT time of year AGAIN,

Each year I make a resolution that, if it’s too complicated, I won’t keep.  Last year my resolution was to make better use of the F-word and I’m happy to say I did it some justice…

Example 1

Me:  I’ve never seen a pair of shoes like this.  They’re F-ing AMAZING and so f-ing affordable.  I’d e a f-ing fool to pass this deal!

Husband (with hand over mouth): Those shoes look like your last pair of f-ing  affordable shoes.  Have you seen the f-ing closet!

Example 2

Me: F-U I’m on strike today (literally Smile)

Example 3

Me (on New Years) : I’m not drunk, you’re f-ing drunk.  This wall is f-ing drunk!  It’s so drunk it can’t even hold me up it’s so f-ing drunk.  My shoes are drunk, they can’t even f-ing walk straight!  The bed is drunk! Can you tell it to f-ing stop spinning!

Anywho, as you know I’ve been chronicling our fight with the Asshole Rat family living in our garage.  A few months (and traps) back we thought we had finally put the smack down on them, oh happy day. 

Well they’re back Sad smile  Last week we caught three –> in ONE day.  They were smart enough to avoid the blue poison, but stupid enough to go for the peanut butter.




Sooo with the start of the new year and making resolutions and shit, I guess it’s safe to say this year’s resolution will involve obliterating the free loaders for good.

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One Response to It’s THAT time of year AGAIN,

  1. I have to respond to this with my stock answer, which would be… this piece is fan-f-ing-tastic! Your fan, Tammy 😉

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