Ordering Nuts!

So the other day I sent my old man to get me a hot fudge sundae…YUM!  As he waited in line he decided to call me – only to put me on hold when he got to the window  Sad smile

Husband: Hi, do you sell sundaes?

Cashier: Yes, we sell all kinds of sundaes!

Husband: Do you sell hot fudge sundaes?

Cashier: Yes, what kind would you like?

Husband: Great!  Can I get 3 hot fudge sundaes.  And do you have nuts?  

Cashier: Yes

Husband: Perfect, can you put some nuts on top, nuts on the side.  Cover them with nuts!  Can you also add extra nuts to the side?

Cashier:  okay sir…(giggles)


And this is what he brought home.  WTF??  Not too impressed with the size and nut distribution Dairy Queen!  McDonald’s nuts are waaaaay better!!  



IMG_00000041    IMG_00000042


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