Things that piss me OFF….#4

You’d think on a day like this I’d be happy!!!

No kids, no books, no driving, no swearing at idiot drivers, no brown bagging my lunch, sleeping in, breakfast made by the old man, MAURY POVICH, sitting in pj’s all day long, MAURY POVICH, no crying, no tattling, no waiting for 3pm to hit.

But alas… Murphy’s Law came into play!  Our stupid snow blower decided to break down.  So we pulled out the trusty, almost 20-year-old, hand me down, hand-held snow blower.  It’s as loud as an army of 2000 cats crying at the same time, needs to be plugged in, but reliable as fuck!





Oh yah, my shovel also broke! Stupid snow!IMG_00000057

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2 Responses to Things that piss me OFF….#4

  1. masone209 says:

    Sorry to hear that

  2. Jodi Lea says:

    Maybe you should get to Wal Mart ASAP and replace your snow toys 😉

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