Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #3

What do you get when you cross $50, 000, shit for brains and baggy leather pants?

Jimmy Brooks!….naaaaaa, he had more integrity.

Apparently Drake spent the night “making it rain $50, 000” worth on a bunch of strippers working at a local club in Charlotte.

$50, 000!

And we wonder what’s wrong with the world…


At least he took the time to evenly cover the floor!

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Dear Husband :/


The next time you decide to golf in the living room AND leave the scene of the crime you best hide them balls from my kitchen knife!


Men are STUPID, throw rocks at them!

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Things that make me smile lot’s… #3

Found these at my parents house in the basement last week.  As you can see I thought I was going to be a hairstylist/fashion designer when I grew up.  


Jem is wearing a one of kind orange rag, held together by a hair elastic and afro…tres chic! Roxanne, the brunette, is rocking hair puffs and a diaper (never know when you got to go). Deborah, the blonde is sporting a pink cuffed dress and a wicked shiner on her cheek….and the one in the middle is a wearing a one of a kind Vince Carter bandana…ya I totally forgot what we named her :p




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Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #2

Is it just me or did Jack Nicholson look  like a drunken/shrunken, nervous, near-sighted hobbit last night? 



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Things that piss me OFF….#4

You’d think on a day like this I’d be happy!!!

No kids, no books, no driving, no swearing at idiot drivers, no brown bagging my lunch, sleeping in, breakfast made by the old man, MAURY POVICH, sitting in pj’s all day long, MAURY POVICH, no crying, no tattling, no waiting for 3pm to hit.

But alas… Murphy’s Law came into play!  Our stupid snow blower decided to break down.  So we pulled out the trusty, almost 20-year-old, hand me down, hand-held snow blower.  It’s as loud as an army of 2000 cats crying at the same time, needs to be plugged in, but reliable as fuck!





Oh yah, my shovel also broke! Stupid snow!IMG_00000057

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Things that make me smile some lots…#2




and not a creature was stirring…except for the dumb ass mice still living in our garage!

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Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

I can’t put my finger on this…


 Is that a cat or a dog on her necklace?


This is what she use to look like! Quit while you’re ahead my friends!


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