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Back to the grind……A Note About…Wait…WHAT?????????

Happy New Year!!! I’ve decided to kick start the year on a healthy note, this isn’t’ what I had in mind though.   How would you even cook that?

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In Loving Memory..TomDog

Best Friend: someone who never leaves your side, loves you unconditionally, smiles when you walk in the front door, sits by you and listens to your heart aches, laughs with you, secretly laughs at you, eats your left overs, eats … Continue reading

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A Note About Frozen Coc…

Get your mind out of the gutter! Tomato, tomatoeees … Ketchup, catsup… Coconut, cocks…ya I still don’t get it!

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It’s THAT time of year AGAIN,

Each year I make a resolution that, if it’s too complicated, I won’t keep.  Last year my resolution was to make better use of the F-word and I’m happy to say I did it some justice… Example 1 Me:  I’ve … Continue reading

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Note To My Personal Hood Rat,

Now how many of you can say they have a freeloading mouse living in the engine of their car? I can, I can!! Not only does he feed on the garbage from our garbage bin, shit all over my engine, … Continue reading

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Note to F-ing Garbage Rodent!!

Forgetting to close your garage door at night is an open invitation for the neighbourhood hood rats (or in this case some kind of raccoon/skunk/cat) to  come into your garage, rip open the garbage, devour it under your parked car AND THEN…. crap … Continue reading

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Note to Assh@!# Crows!

It’s not funny to attack innocent garbage bags.  Some people work hard at separating the recyclables from the organic waste.  Tearing up the bags to see what’s inside is a disgusting behavior, you should considering seeing someone about it. The … Continue reading

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